The leader, motivator, supporter and coordinator of the project. It is a diverse function requiring strong communication skills and a sense of responsibility. Next to that, the chairman is also responsible for the committee’s budget.

The chairman of every committee will coordinate meetings with the committee and supervisor from the STAR Board. Next to this, he or she will take part in the chairman cycle in which the chairman of the STAR Board will meet with all chairmen within STAR.


The sales person of the project. It will be your responsibility to supply the project with all financial input and resources needed to fund the project. You will stay in close contact with the Board Commercial and participate in the commercial cycles to get more out of your position.

We dare you to search for leads, pick up the phone and make the sale.


The creative brain of the committee. It will be your task to market your project and to communicate it to all participants, students, companies and other stakeholders.

Which channels will you choose in order to reach all students on campus?


The planner of the project. It is all about organizing, making schedules as well as supporting your fellow committee members to make sure everything is done at the right time and place.

Will you be able to find that awesome hostel, pub, museum or university?