Case Society Board

Case Society Board

Job description

The RSM Case Society is an association that attempts to marry academic theory and practical exercise. During the year we host trainings and case-days that prepare our students for case competitions. These sessions are characterized by innovative ideas, holistic thinking, and constructive feedback. Members that develop and illustrate their case-solving skills are selected to compete against other world-leading business schools in international case competitions.


The RSM Case Society’s activities are motivated by numerous factors. Operating on the intersection of theory and practice, we pride ourselves in helping the applicable development of our members. The most capable of us are sent abroad, free of charge, to represent the Rotterdam School of Management internationally, a huge source of personal and collective pride. Winners of these case competitions often get internships or job offers, and at the very least make some extremely valuable connections!

Although our society is competitive and academically oriented, our fellow student members are at the heart of the association. Getting along with each other is critical to our collective development, since we cannot build off one another when we are in conflict. Remembering this, we often end our case days with a couple of beers.


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